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the base on board. pcs those defections now. thank you. that is it for us. catch me on fox and france tomorrow morning. we will talk about my new book called "upheaval". "upheaval." we will see you tomorrow morning. we will see you tomorrow night to. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum a it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now. to seal out more food particles. (voseeker of the you can separate runway diculousness... from fashionhat flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national isanked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we, business pro. so do we. go national. go like pro. be now neiman marcus. the 1%. now the outrage that is officially 100%. now over the top. john mcafee putting it in terms only he cou
the and the latest battleground is in france. that is where protesting taxidrivers attacked an uber car. were both in the car and tweeted about the incident saying they were shaken up but not heard. an acquisition as it looks to expand into the apparel sector. /sales for 43f million dollars. it sells clothes and home decor at a discount. group onset it is seeing growing customer demand. >> we are in new york this week with the senior writer for bloomberg businessweek. we're kicking off a special series today. about how bigng companies are using it to dramatically change the way we communicate here. scientist and the watson of ibm's computer. this whole idea of a personal robert is age old. how did watson come to be? >> it is about pressing the envelope, breaking new ground. executives thought can we create a computer that can and do with humans incredibly hard human tasks. it was an amazing opportunity for a richard scientist like myself. it was allre life about can we get computers to mimic the way humans think? taking it step by step. >> isn't one of the things that makes what and so special is
it is not perfect france has had it since 1982 the u.k. started 2004 bringing down fraud by half. that is massive numbers. gerri: we can do that. >> but do we want to? there is 4.$5 trillion spent on cars and only 0.'06% is fraudulent. gerri:. >> that is how they look at it. gerri: the cost of business is i could have my identity stolen. people said if you have $100 in your wallet is gone forever if you have $100 stolen from your credit card you can get it back but if my number is:i could also have my identity stolen. the stakes are so much higher. >> but the chip and pin is not a magic solution because when you shop are mine doesn't help either was target may be someone broke into the network. once they stole that data they cannot use it is easily >> seat belts are not perfect that doesn't mean we don't put them on cars to help the problem. we can start here and i don't expect any solution to be a silver bullet but that doesn't mean that something that is proven to help. it would help of because the data that is stolen they will not create new cards but they couldn't if they had a chip it. but n
-sisi says he may consider standing in the country's upcoming presidential elections. >> now back in france, the scandal surrounding the president's love life. is ine trierweiler hospital amid allegations that president francois hollande, her partner of six years, has been having an affair with a french actress. she had been due to be released from the hospital this monday but doctors say she needs more rest. she may be preparing to forgive and forget. >> it is being disguised as a severe case of the blues, the latest twist in the tale. the first lady was admitted to hospital on friday, reportedly exhausted by claims her partner is having an affair. she has undergone tests over the weekend and been prescribed rest by the doctors. the hospitalization came just hours after the magazine vote -- flashed photos on its front page. its editors believe that the photos show president hollande arriving at the apartment of a french actress. the president is considering legal action. ofnion polls found that 77% voters believe that it is a private matter and that his present -- his privacy should be res
deal in france. but this one is making headlines. >> the international love saga that's playing out in the tabloids. first lady of france, the nine-year partner of president francois hollande has been hospitalized since friday with exhaustion after allegations surfaced that he was having an affair with a french actress. it reported that holland, allegedly shown here in a black helmet would slip out of the palace where they live and be driven on a motor scooter to gayet's apartment. he's not denied having the affair but he's threatening legal action against the magazine. >> there's a feeling of embarrassment because it is not, of course, the dignity of the to have his name and photograph in such a story. >> he's no stranger to having his private life in the public eye. he's never been married. he spent 30 years with his longtime partner before leaving her in 2007. a relationship that began two years earlier while they were both with their former partners. its all plays out in an oh so french way where extra-marital affairs of state aren't given a second thought. >> we're not usually
manted for scrapping will are in march. four of them are in italy but france britt ann turkey and china are also competing for the lucrative commission. >>> next phase is to make it floatable again. 15 giants water tanks will soon be annexed to the damaged starboard side. they will then be emptied to give buoyancy to the ship. should the concordia not be stable enough to be toe towed a, the vanguard will be used to sail it away for its last journey on the sea. >> india is on the verge of being declared polio free. five years ago, half of the world's polio cases were in the country. the disease as you know attacks the nerves system. declaring india a polio-free nation. you heard about the target data breach, right? affecting millions of customers and then the neiman marcus data breach. as kilmen kilmeny duchart repor. >> target and neiman marcus stores. this after reports show that this may have happened to three other u.s. retailers. congress wants to know why u.s. shoppers are the last to know. when target was breached they waited four days to tell customers. similarly, neiman marcus w
appreciate it. >>> the first lady of france could be in the hospital recovering from what sounds an awful lot like a broken heart. doctors say she went into a state of shock after tabloid reports linked president francois hollande to a french actress. hollande and whiler aren't married but they've lived together since '07. the president of france has not directly addressed the rumors and most of the french press is steering clear of the story. that's perhaps opportunity in a surprise given the blase attitude of french voters when it comes to infidelity. a poll taken over the weekend found that more than 77% think his love life is his own business. ah, the french. >>> critics have bashed it for glamourizing teen pregnancy. a new study suggests the mtv hit show "16 and pregnant" is the best birth control a teenager could have. what? i'll ask dr. drew pinsky about it next. >>> plus, it's one way to take advantage of the home field. how two nfl teams are keeping the other side out. >>> welcome back ton "the lead." it's the controversial mtv show that exposes the oh so glamorous life of teen moms.
jefferson returned from france where he was serving during the constitutional convention, he asked george washington why the senate had been created. washington replied by asking jefferson supposedly quote,hy did you pour that tea into your saucer? end of quote. to cool it, jefferson said. washington responded, even so, we pour legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool. in the house of representatives the rules committee sets out the terms of debate for each bill. if you want to offer an amendment in the house, you have to go hat in hand to the rules committee and get their permission. if the house leadership doesn't like your amendment, you're out of luck. by contrast, here in the senate, the senate has a tradition of allowing extensive debate and amendments by any senator without prior approval from anybody. however, that tradition has gone out the window under the current majority leadership. we have seen an unprecedented abuse of cloture motions to cut off the deliberative process also paired with a tactic called filling the tree, blocking amendments from being considered. the se
been following the discussions in france well one of the first things that were thrown from the us secretary of state does that russia. the us and un are completely on the same page that's the only solution the prophet in syria is a diplomatic one. mr kerry also said that officer in the forties and the opposition are equally responsible for the atrocities committed that i will also seen a slight shift on iran since though a lot about breaking the un special envoy on syria and sergei lavrov. people were saying that the water see that the iran taking part in the geneva to conferences is a key player in the region this was something that the us was previously a guess but now according to the us secretary of state washington wouldn't mind seeing sarah and there. at geneva to this it's the us supports the agreements reached earlier outside the geneva one. now mr lavrov also said that to the authorities and syria have now confirmed that the party to take part in the conference although one of the sticking points right now is that it's very un known whether or not the opposition is planni
are in italy but france, britain, turkey and china are also competing for the lucrative commission. the next phase is to make it floatable again. 15 giants water tanks will be soon annexed to the damage stashestarboard side. they will be emptied to give the ship buoyancy.about the dock wise vanguard, the largest semi submergible ship will be used to sail the ship away for its last journey at sea. >> i'm joined life by cary lant. >> the commemoration continues here. only an hour ago a song was played in memory of the 32 passengers who died in the shipwreck. but at the exact time of the shipwreck two years ago, 9:45 p.m. local time, the islanders will join in a torch lit procession. at the same time the church bells will ring and the fog horns will wail across the bay in what the islanders and the survivors hope will be the last sendoff of the concordia towards the scrap yard. >> thank you, i'll be back to more news, now let's go back to sammy in doha. >> thanks, lauren. >>> in thailand, protestors have blockaded several majors intersection he, all in an attempt to remove yingluck shinn watd.
is in latest battleground is in france. fiveofounder of five by and the cto of flight were in the car saying they were shaken up, but not heard. apparel site. groupon buys ideally for $43 million. groupon says it has seen growing demand for these types of products. we are with sam grobart. we are kicking off a special series today, artificial intelligence, beyond robots. talking about how big companies are using it to dramatically change the way we communicate. here with us is david, and artificial intelligence scientist and the creator of , the computer. this whole idea of a personal robot is age-old, but how did watson as we know it come to be? artificial intelligence research is about breaking new ground and new challenges. the executives of ibm thought, can we create a computer that can compete with humans at incredibly hard and challenging human tasks? like jeopardy. it was an amazing opportunity for a scientist like myself to say, yes, we can do this. life, it's been about, can we get computers to mimic the way we think? uniquet one of the things about watson is its e >>ty with languag
by pakistan, turkey, ethiopia, honduras, uganda, france and iraq at least. according to state department reports, a lot of these airstrikes result in human casualties. if the u.s. is concerned about who it targets with lethal force and what sort of civilian protections they should be provided, it might be worth part of the conversation to think about when the u.s. provides the enabling logistical or intelligence support that allows other countries to kill individuals. final issue is the politics of this. you know, obama has said on many different occasions that he wants to engage with congress and the american people and repeal the aumf. the problem is that this message has not been received by the commander in chief's message hasn't been received by the rest of the u.s. government. at the 345eu hearing with a -- may hearing with a number of pentagon officials said i think the current structure works very well for us. caroline cross, who was the counselor general, the lead lawyer at the cia, in her december congressional hearing, she also said i believe the aumf as currently drafted is s
of folks of a southwe southwest flight that landed in the wrong town. >>> and a love triangle in france. the first lady is hospitalized days after a tabloid reports that her partner, the president of france, is having an affair with a french actress. welcome to "around the world" welcome to "around the world" i'm suzanne malveaux. -- captions by vitac -- >>> federal investigators are trying to figure out how the pilots made such a huge mistake that could have been very costly, even more costly. the plane came from chicago. was making a quick stop in branson, missouri, late last night, before heading to dallas. it landed, however, in a smaller county airport about ten miles away. now that airport has got a much shorter runway. that was the problem. the pilot had to slam on the brakes to avoid sliding into a highway. the passengers, they're okay. they were put on another flight. but here's what one person said about this awkward landing. >> so we landed, and as i said, it was a hard landing. the there was burnt rubber. at that point, the pilot came on and said welcome to bra
admitted he used drugs and blood dope to go win the cycling prize tour de france a record number of times. >> how do sports restore their image and regain the trust of fans? are athletes who didn't take drugs smeared by association? the hall of fame, do they have to decide? do they have to have a policy? or through the voting formula and the gut check over time do we get something like a verdict? for now the suspected cheaters have to wait. joining us to talk about the hall of fame announcement from denver jonah cary, writer , and author of "up up and away." and editor of sp nation and cliff corkland, a writer for "sports illustrated" where he's coauthor of "the strike zone blog." let me start with you, the fact that bonds and clemens have been passed over yet again is that a kind of verdict even without any official policies on what to do with suspect athletes? >> it is. obviously the writers who vote, and i'm not among them. the writers who vote, a certain percentage of them, two-thirds, decided despite clea clearly deserving to be on the hall of fame because of their on field accomplis
it will be departing today. coming from chicago midway latest stop in france in missouri but instead it landed 8 miles away in the runaway is about half the length so the pilot had to hit the brakes really hard nobody was hurt but passengers were not even our region tel they got off and then there was a clef about 40 feet away. this dark west -- the southwest doctors to dip. can you imagine? dagen: basically using a visual to find the airport charleston western agenda is now on the data were fired for bottled water after a chemical leaked into a nearby river. water officials in the area say they will begin lifting via they had once the test shows the water is clean. it is already raising deeper concerns of the lack of federal oversight. it is sorted been confirmed inspectors have not visited since 1991. 10 people have been hospitalized. none of those is said to be serious. connell: talking about major league baseball for the next season alex rodriguez will still not go down without swinging. we have more comments from his legal team. he makes his case in court. his attorney is here to you talk about t
having an affair, too much apparently for the de facto first lady of france. time now for the poly side bar. valerie trierweiler, long-time companion of french president francois hollande is hospitalized after suffering emotional shock. she's been ordered to rest after learning from tabloid reports that president hollande is having an affair. >>> when michelle obama gets dressed up, her fashion choices always make headline news, perhaps it's no news that her gown is headed to the smithsonian. it will be displayed for a year, starting tomorrow. >>> early voting in the race to replace disgraced san diego mayor bob filner, who left office this summer amid sexual harassment allegations. poll shows kevin faulkner has a commanding lead over democratic councilman david alvarez. we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh are we early? [ male announcer ] commute your way with the bold, all-new nissan rogue. ♪ in the nation, we reward safe driving. add vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving. which means you could save... a lot of
, but france and turkey are also looking for the lucrative commission. after the ship was pulled up last september in a spectacular feat of engineering, the next phase is to make is floatable again. 15 giant15 giant makes will be d underneath the ship. the world's largest ship will be used to lift the shi shipwreck r its last journey at sea. >> what else is going tocometer rate that event? >> next it will take place at one of the churns on the island but one of the highlights will be the torch-lit pro sessioprocession that will e accompanied by the sound of church bells ringing and fog horns across the bay. there is an announced surprise for the commemoration will be here. >> thank you, indeed. we'll be back with more news from europe. but let's go back to adrian in doha. >> south sudan government said it it's now in full control of unity state after it's forces captured betiu. there have been fighting between government troops and protesters. >> we see the battle fought here. it appears the human cost of that violence is high. last month the division commander defected. he joined forces
of their monthly bill, access to music? >> exactly. a streaming service in france hasn't with spotify that hasn't with spotify -- has it with spotify. part of that key is going to be the marketing that needs is putting behind it, so it is not just an add-on proposition. something you just add onto your phone bill, but that it be seen as a really important a really -- a really important aspect of marketing. >> this new product, i am dying for, when beyoncÉ went theysively for i tunes, bought the whole album. a beyoncÉ's experience was complete win for her. there are other artists beyond her. >> i am willing to buy herbal album, i'm not sure about other artists. >> consumer behavior is going toward streaming. digital downlink band the purchasing of digital, and cds is decreasing. vinyl is going up, but that is a collectible like a t-shirt as a concert -- at a concert. the question becomes subscription model versus advertising model. you are absolutely right. and you raise an important point earlier, which is the idea that it is going to be integrated into the bundle of tellico -- telco services
scandal swirling around the president of france and why the first lady ended up in the hospital. but first, on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer. >>> coming up, much more from the golden globes, the head-turning looks on the red carpet. weather. you'll figure it out. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker grew up knowing it has to be packed with lots of delicious fruit. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. >> a very good monday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators say an early morning fire in san jose was probably started by a cigarette. the fire started about 5:00 a.m. people there put the flames out themselves. it was by the santa clara country club. crews were relieved it wasn't started by an arsonist. investigators released this sketch of their person of interest, a white or hispanic man between 25 and 40, at least 6 feet tall and wears large framed g
redesign pay off. ceo alan mulally will join us. >>> plus, the president of france caught in a scandal, showing the old rules about privacy no long erer a part. >>> cyber thieves. the latest crime comes as target reaches out to its customers. elaine, good morning. >> good morning. neiman marcus may be one of four more retailers falling victim to hackers, according to reuters. the other stores have not yet been named but now authorities are investigating whether all of the attacks are linked. neiman marcus hasn't disclosed how many customers were affected affected, but did confirm cyber thieves stole credit and debit card information over the holiday season. in a statement, the luxury retailer said, we have begun to contain the intrusion and have taken significant steps to further enhance information security. we are taking steps where possible to notify customers whose cards we know were used fraudulently after making a purchase at our store." the company has also asked the secret service to investigate. neiman marcus would not say whether the breach was related to
>> welcome back to "france 24." here are the headlines. johnsecretary of state kerry continues his diplomatic drive in paris, trying to shore up support ahead of the peace talks on syria later this month. thousands protest in bangkok, the latest move in their push to oust the prime minister. hollywood awards season gets into full swing with the golden globes. let's get the inside scoop on the big winners and losers. also coming up this hour, bad news for man u fans. their midfielder has banged up his knee. we will look at the personal and political fallout from resident francois hollande's rumored affair with -- from president francois hollande's rumored affair. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is continuing his diplomatic push on syria. he met with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov today. talksre pushing for peace to take place between the government and opposition later this month in geneva. john kerry just gave a press conference at the u.s. embassy in paris alongside the russian foreign minister. >> we talked today about the possibility of trying to encourage a cease-fir
, have a great day. a7guc >> welcome back to "france 24." here are the headlines. johnsecretary of state kerry continues his diplomatic drive in paris, trying to shore up support ahead of the peace talks on syria later this month. thousands protest in bangkok, the latest move in their push to oust the prime minister. hollywood awards season gets into full swing with the golden globes. let's get the inside scoop on the big winners and losers.
the commissioners input on the 2014-2015, 2015-16 budget. >> i want to thank you for this report. frances does a lot of this work and it's really a lot of her credit too as well as the whole sf puc staff. so we are also now focusing on the budget and there is a few slides here i want to walk through relatively quickly so that you have a chance to tell us what you want to see in the upcoming budget. the general manager is already very busy going through hundreds of pages of proposals that staff have developed and call through what meets his muster. there are several things that are new this year and they are because of policies that you have adopted and you have told us to review these and look at these. i will review these quickly. over all you are going to hear during the budget hearings in january and february an update to a nearly billion dollar budget and this is to refresh our memory, the most recent adopted one is $874 million. we have had a number that has worked well for us. this is to pause to see if the mission statement still works and if it does we will develop the budget to tieback to
. simply put, factional rivalries in north korea and factional rivalries in france, germany or switzerland are not the same. when you are run by a dear leader or supreme leader, sometimes the factional rivalries are at best cosmetic. at any rate, during the hostage crisis, the carter administration was understandably desperate to reach out to any iranian who would listen. and i'm not going to criticize jimmy carter. remember, no one knew what was going to happen to those hostages. there was fear that they would be tried by revolutionary tribunals and might even be executed. and so we do need to put ourselves in jimmy carter's place when considering the fate of the hostages at the time. so he would reach out to any iranian who would listen. secretary of state they us approved u.n. secretary-general kirkwall time, to set up a meeting with iranian foreign minister. that failed when he lost his post after only two and half weeks. his position, however, did not stop them from adding to iran's demands. no sooner did a former trainer for the plo assume the foreign minister's post in the carter ad
in southern israel. >>> the first lady of france expected to be released from the hospital later today after being treated for depression. she checked herself in on friday the day that a magazine reported that the president of france was having an affair with a movie star. the couple never married but they've been living together for nine years. >>> a big night for the hottest players in hollywood. the golden globes handed out to the best on the big and small screen. >> leading the pack, "american hustle." it picked up three awards. brandi hitt with more on the night's big wins. >> reporter: good morning, john and marci. "12 years a slave" took home the big award of the night, best motion picture drama. but it was "american hustle" that won the most awards, thanks to its leading ladies. hollywood's golden night kicked off with a big win for jennifer lawrence as best supporting actress in a motion picture. >> "american hustle." >> reporter: "american hustle" won best motion picture comedy or musical. amy adams won best actress for her role in the film. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: best
sick at a tennessee correctional facility. >>> the woman consider eed france's first lady is expected to leave the hospital today. valerie trierweiler was hospitalized after reports that francois hollande was having an affair. >>> apparently some heated legislation. i'm not seeing shoes fly. that's key there. no shirt, no shoes, no service. what about no pants? in mexico city, pantless commuters packed the subway. yesterday over 800 people participated in the no pants party now going on its 13th year. the tradition originally started in new york. despite chilly weather in the big apple, opponents of appropriate clothing shed layers before heading below ground. new york. in winter. >>> time for a look ahead and look back. more debate today about extended unemployment benefits. the senate resumes its consideration of the bill that temporarily extends jobless benefits for over 1 million americans. on this day in 1982, a deadly air florida jet crash in washington, d.c. as reported by "nightly news." >> an air florida 737 with 70 people aboard crashed in a snowstorm this afternoon after ta
in an election year. >> and fran president frances holland wife will be released released from the hospital today. >> and an earthquake in puerto ri rico. no tsunami warnings have been issued. >> robert gates is firing back at critics. gates is standing firm, chiding the president for lacking passion on afghanistan, even as some fellow republicans are now taking him to task. cnn's jim acosta is live at the white house. jim. >> reporter: good morning, chris. robert gates kicked off a media blitz for hirst new book over the weekend. he's going to be signing books at the pentagon, doing talk show appearances all week long, all fr wearing a neck brace from a recent injury. no regrets from former defense secretary robert gates. >> it's an honest account. >> reporter: as critics pounce on his new memoir, "duty." gates said in an interview with "sunday morning" that while he admired the president, he believed mr. obama was only focused on getting out of afghanistan. >> it's one thing to tell the troops that you support them. it's another to work at making them believe that you believe as president that
. the man he rescued there is still recovering in the hospital. >>> the first lady of france is expected to be released from the hospital later today after being treated for depression. valerie trierweiler checked herself in friday, the same day a magazine reported that the president of france was having an affair with a movie star. trierweiler and francois hollande never married but have been living together for nine years. >>> here at home, two nurses are being praised for their heroic actions after a pilot suffered an apparent heart attack midflight. amy sorenson and linda just happened to be on the united flight from des moines to denver when the crew called for help. they found the pilot slumped over with chest pain. the nurses then set up a make-shift emergency room and treated the pilot until the co-pilot landed the plane in omaha. the pilot is expected to be okay. >>> again, we were welcoming you back. we're so happy to have you here. you were telling me earlier, you had an awesome time. >> awesome time. you guys ready for a little show and tell? >> let's see it. >> i went to the
of them are in italy but the others running for the job, they are in france and as far as china. we will know which part in march. >> reporter: sounds like a very difficult operation and thank you very much for giving us the latest there from the island. and in essential african republic joy of the departure of the president has given way to violence in the capitol with widespread looting in bongi and 13 people have been killed in the city in the past few days. >> reporter: in the back streets of bongi fires are still smoldering, an armed mob came into the mosque in plain daylight and smashed it up, wounded several people and took what they wanted and promised to come back to ransack it a second time. to the people who live here say they won't run away. >> translator: where would we go? we are staying here because we have no where else. this house is everything to us. we can't afford to go for another one. we are from here. we are from the central african republic. >> reporter: around the corner christian youth destroy a car and driven by a general from the selica malitia and sa
is already suffering very low approval ratings. well, i'm going to show you the gap between france and the united states, even between france and united kingdom, a large majority of french people, 77% according to a new survey, believe that it's a private story that should involve only francois hollande, so french people are indulgent after this report. and what has it been for francois hollande? 84% of the french people claim that the story is not going to change their view on the french president. 13% say it will affect their view of francois. and 3% still believe that it's going to improve their view on francois hollande. still on the political ground it will make things perhaps a little different for hollande due to hold a press conference tomorrow to outline his economy policy and hopes to make the country more business-friendly a. hollande is expected to announce flexibilities in exchange for job creation, so that was supposed to be the top story for him this week, but after what happened just before the weekend, and obviously the questions at the press conference and the hea
of southern europe but including france, maybe more in the economic and financial area but with possible spillover effect into the political arena that should be of concern to the united states. >> i think the main issue and it is a huge issue of concern to the united states is that i think europe is increasingly under fiscal pressures and in those fiscal pressures nato linked military issues invariably get short shrift that if you summarize european defense spending you have a big number. if you look at the capabilities that that translates into because of the national orientation of all of the european countries it is a pretty small set of capabilities and the underpinnings frankly of the nato alliance as an active collaboration are becoming harder and harder to sustain. >> that is exactly right. our concern for the european union and nato as partners in helping to deal with these foreign policy challenges, that is where we see the greatest vulnerability. >> the biggest question about europe is its future role, certainly global security manager provider and even in the immediate region
. the store facing up with its cap part in france, carrefoure. us fromhols joins berlin. what did we learn from metro's earnings? >> we learned that the german consumer did not in fact save christmas through a massive amount of spending. you see german sales down almost 2%. overall this is the story, the challenge of european companies trying to expand abroad into emerging markets with a strong euro. you have seen some of their gains being eroded in the fx markets. overall, in line with estimates but the numbers are a little disappointing. here is what the ceo had to say in the report. he tried to put a brave face on it. our new financial year got off to a solid start in spite of the still challenging economic backdrop. soft christmas sales resented -- prevented better development. reported sales declined by 3.3%. this is basically due to negative currency fluctuation. quarter of last year, down 2% in part because the market here is more competitive. from facing challenges discounters and that is really their overall challenge. >> thanks. hans nichols live in berlin. >> showtime for the de
that explains behavior versus a moralistic story is not scientific it is moral. but france six psychiatrists are making the judge read. another example quite the controversy now as there should be about attention deficit disorder. it is exploding, a 15 percent of kids in high school carry the diagnosis now. this is fabulous if you hold shares in the drug company that makes products that treat attention deficit disorder. but look what it has become rationale for performance-enhancing drugs to help them do better on tests. with all due respect to roger clemens we do not say that a-rod or barry bonds had steroid deficit disorder. but we do with health through doctors to develop c diagnostic category to apply its liberally. reduce a 15% or more of american high school kids there is an example to make a moral judgment that has the enormous role in terms of bestowing social opportunity. >> host: what some say that is a moral judgment? >> guest: if they disagree. do want to leave it to madison to make these judgments? or have a social discussion about behavior because of our understanding purses wh
. they couldn't participate in greater france. and you capture that, didn't you. >> you know, when i saw the majors on tv. of burning cars. >> i was like - you couldn't recognise a face. i wept back to the neighbourhood and said, "guys, what is going on. there's cameras all around. the neighbourhood is up top. all the others are getting tense. i say, "are you part of this." i have some working out at the restaurant. it's a nightmare. there's a lot of kids taking part. 10% of all of us here are taking part in this. then it's critical. it's from paris. even abroad they think that all of france is burning. i was really - they were, no, man, it's a neighbourhood, five streets. it's interesting to see how it gets transformed by the media and the people, and the people basically, which is natural. and i thought why don't i take your portraits. if you see they are trying to steel the portraits, i'll take them from there. if you have nothing to report, i'll write your name, age and building number. i'll be on the other side. this way if someone talks to you you can knock at the door. and everyth
are waiting for. but that's the thing. we still have black spots. one is france. them not seemingly done the austerity that others have done. ofwhat we can say to some our view on the eurozone is a recovery in place. trends have been encouraging. the woods.not out of what we can say on the positive side is the tail winds are reduced to a year ago, we were so worried about the outlook for the euro itself. >> survival is being questioned. >> very survival. not that long ago. tell risks of the economy have been reduced. of theu.s., the form fiscal wrangling behind us. we are beyond that. theink our outlook for global economy is similar to what we had a few months ago. but tell risks are to reduce. >> they are less -- they are fewer unknowns. were talking about that the other day. what does this mean for this part of the world? are looking at 2014 to be shaping up to be marginally higher than 2013. the risks i would flat -- flag it said tapering. the markets have been calm because much of the expectation were priced in. our calculations are perhaps 80%-90% of the adjustment that have taken p
the consultations with the five permanent members of the u.n. security council invited states, france and russia and the united kingdom and germany 55 + 1 in negotiations with the six countries it would basically freeze the nuclear program. but they do not have the over to program not like the manhattan project or the north korean project or the russians. the iranians have been fooling round with the technology since the time of the shot. according to intelligence estimates they did dedicated work on nuclear weapons, warhead design, uranium metal is only used in warheads is the impressive regime of numerous and vicious acts. the u.s. intelligence concludes that dedicated weapons program ended 2003 and has not been restarted. but it does have a program to requires a technology to build the material to go into a nuclear weapon. it is an open program. they have long history and we have a long history of finding them. so they have several sites of the enrichment facilities. because of the students better here i will pause to do a physics, chemistry, nuclear technology lesson. what is enriching urani
sweet returned to russia and france as well. also some alaskan will cost the country attention will focus of course assumes that most nominations need clean clothes he is asleep which is sentimental. a free black man is abducted and sold into slavery. the two balls wilson was seven his american household to con artists set up a sting in the air i flew to rome by the hollywood foreign press association just a few dozen tenants moved to tucson the twenty six companies in cinema and tv. the glitz and glam has become the strokes are on meeting up to the oscars on the second of march nominations for the prize will be out on the stove france's first lady event in the studio as it misses the hospital and image today that songs that she's been there since friday which is the day that a gossip magazine published a seven page spread suggesting the french president will follow as i have an actress sources say the fourteen year old is expected to leave hospital tomorrow. she's undergoing tests. hong kong is one of the sixties disease on the highway to where commuters have been adding to th
and not good for this country. melissa frances and mark is a mell columnist of the "washington post". i will start with you as the business guru on this. the december jobs numbers were bad. they were bad by my standard. but the more significant numbers they go up and they go down, it's the number of people that gave up. >> this is an enormous number they went to the side lines and have given up. they said i can't find a job. i might as well not even look any more. on the left they like to say these are baby boomers retiring. that's only a tiny fraction of these folks. a lot of people have gone out there and said it doesn't make sense for me to work any more. maybe it is more profitable not to. >> we have heard from this president the focus of his second term is going to be income inequality which he believes is a threat to the american dream. these numbers and the people who have given up on finding a job in this economy prove that it is right it is a threat to the american dream. the question is who is responsible. >> it isn't a threat to the american dream. if you were a ceo i was a f
have been meeting in paris. among them are france germany usa and britain group said he planned to meet the two peas conference was the only political solution to the civil war. it's due to start on january twenty seconds. still not clear exactly which representatives from the fractured opposition will be taking part. well for someone else's now we're joined by middle east analyst me tell you this week now what a forest some syrian opposition groups refusing to take part in the peace talks this emergence of a christian the main reason really is that this opposition group that has been backed by the west since its inception has really lost the political and military war against the syrian regime it is an update to the sun was going on the battlefield it's known the islamist movements and it's the troops of the regime of bashar a loss of the regime has been very successful military militarily also because of that so far through russia and iran. where is this so called moderate opposition has not received any support for the americans at least on no known for a fee and because i know they
. >> aditi, thank you. >>> overseas tonight, and to france, and to the real life drama involving the french president and a movie star. a magazine reporting their affair after photographing him paying her a visit hidden under a motorcycle helmet. private affairs usually don't do much in france, but it has now because of what's followed. here's abc's jeffrey kofman. >> reporter: officially the president of france, francois hollande is not married. but valerie trierweiler is known as the first lady. she has been his girlfriend for nine years, and she lives with him in the elysee palace. which is why this week, this paris tabloid splashed these photos on its pages, showing le president having what is alleged to be a secret tryst. that's apparently hollande concealed under the helmet, with visor down. the other woman is julie gayet, a glamorous french movie star. in washington, this would be a high octane scandal. but in france, extramarital affairs of state are, well, expected. when president francois mitterand died in 1996, his wife and mistress stood side-by-side at the grave. his illegitima
lapped the first lady -- landed the first lady of france in the hospital. good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >>> pope francis took part in a special ceremony inside the sistine chapel. >> the pope baptized 32 babies that marks the day christians believe the baby jesus was baptized. the have itcon released the names -- vaticans released the names of 16 new cardinals. >>> the white house announced today iran started to limit their nuclear program starting january 20. the deal calls for sanctions to be eased over the next six months. in exchange iran will only enrich uranium to 6% instead of 20%. iran maintained to use it for peaceful purposes
's, you know, i always try to remind myself that frances ford coppola is still trying to make apocalypse now the movie he wants it to be. we'll never be satisfied. >> reporter: let's talk about francis underwood. with everything that's going on in washington right now, how would he come in? he's the master manipulator. how would he come in and solve these crazy problems that are going on in congress? >> i think he'd kill four or five congressmen right off the bat. >> reporter: seriously. would he just come in and bully them and just -- >> look, this is what i'll say. as we look back at american history, there are people like president johnson who were viewed in their time and even later as ruthless, difficult, obnoxious, in your face. but he was an effective president. now, vietnam was a terrible situation. and he took an enormous amount of heat for that. but i do also think that he got three civil rights bills passed in a very short presidency. so i think maybe sometimes we can re-examine. and one of the things i think perhaps the show does is it does ask that question. particularly at
-- expensive ski lifts and high tension in sochi. france -- average earners and public showers in paris. and croatia -- oil platforms versus nature protection off the coast. it's only a few weeks now before the olympic winter games kick off in sochi in southern russia. they are russia toss first-ever winter games, and they are president vladimir putin's pet project. building the infrastructure costs roughly 40 billion euros. the idea is to establish sochi as a winter sports hub, but the city's geographical location might hamper that plan. it's not far away from the northern caucasus, an islamist suicide bombers from the region have been carrying out terrorist attacks all across russia or years. that's why the organizers of the sochi olympic games are stepping up security even further. click the mountains surrounding sochi have been turned into a high-security zone. tens of thousands of soldiers and police are on duty. security cameras are everywhere in the city. fears of a terrorist attack are high. but most of sochi's residents have other worries. this family used to live from there ve
of the world at least numerically the legal profession that was true of england and france and north africa. it was true in the former soviet union and certainly in the united states. part of the reason is they are always on trial. we have always been accused. you were at fault during the inquisition, the dreyfus affair, you name it. we've needed lawyers and abraham argued about to i don't think it is in our nature think it is in the religion. it tells you what you can't do and the other figures out what you can get away with. i think it is quite natural there are jewish lawyers and i think it is interchange i notice some on my glasses that some of the more dominant lawyers now represent racial minorities, women are becoming dominant figures in asian-americans, african-americans, latino americans. to everything there is a season. i don't know what the season of the jewish influence into law will continue as it has in the past. >> 75-years-old, 50 years of teaching my 30th book, who knows what the future holds. 500 pages, i could have written 5,000 pages. i only deal with me be 5% of my case
where we are right now. we are selling coal to the netherlands, morocco, and germany. france,te fuel to chile, and argentina. petroleum coke to turkey and china. gasoline to colombia, brazil, and panama. israel, andbritain, nigeria. natural gas to canada and mexico. and natural gas liquids to switzerland, honduras, and aruba. i could go on. i know that you probably know these facts well, and did not come here today to recite facts. , as good ascause this story is, these developments have transpired in spite of the federal government, not because of it, as the to imply. seeks the rules on energy trade were written long ago for a now- bygone world in which scarcity, not abundance, was the prevailing moral -- prevailing mindset. a hodgepodge of regulations has accumulated over the better part of a century, kind of like barnacles on the whole of a ship. hull of a ship. it may briefly sketch out the maze we are dealing with. the state department reviews buts-border oil pipelines, petroleum products, crude oil, and condensate fall under the commerce department. energy department grants exp
of thousands of people use showers in cities across france. you have stumbled badly to ensure a place. plus i have it is not harmful but what we have between three and four hundred visitors a day or people like you in me come to people with jobs. it was a fun filled by many apartments in paris still don't have a shower even in twenty fourteen. it's a disgrace when i'm down. so she leads in the mall mount the district is one of the pupil read people who live band. he recently struck it lucky receiving a subsidized apartment in one of the smartest and his opponents. i don't often searched the net baltimore on the road or rather the corner between the trees. the city we must eat here. what's with the ducks won but only saw one else will go for a long criminal record. choose any small just sees teams clammy since the french capital has thousands like it one of those who want to see i can't sleep right there in the corner do that. i just don't like it don't i can pull it away again in the mornings and the people who can assist us and what god often uses the living area and to do a one day live so
in the paint little of the caves in southwest france as a form of self-publishing. that 17,000 years ago. these drawings are pigment on rock, represent animals, rituals, symbols and signs, so that fellow tribes people that were permanent but not portable. then came the manuscript of the middle ages. like these beautiful gospels from 8700. they were produced by monks, self-published. these were inked and a describe would produce one book at time for one customer. usually a rich patron or for somebody in the church. permanent and only slightly portable. in 19 -- sorry -- in 1439, journalists who were the media experts called the first technology entrepreneur invented a moveable. -- printing for the catholic church. because i couldn't write them out by hand fast enough because they were selling to fast in 1454 gutenberg used his moveable type to create the first bible. this is abhorrent movement when the book was no longer a single object. the publication of multiple company copies of the book became a business enterprise, requiring capital for the production and market for distribution, th
a threatened species. france's first lady hospitalized. she was admitted friday for what has been described as stress and fatigue. she's the partner of french president francois. they are not married. a magazine report alleging he was having an affair with an actress. cnn reached out to president, first lady and the actress but there has been no response. >>> today pope francis named 19 new cardinals. they come from all over the world and range in age from 55 to 98. all but three are under the age of 80 which makes them eligible to elect the next pope. pope francis will formally unveil their names at a meeting next month. now a quick weather update. better weather for the east coast but different for the west. our jennifer gray has the rest. >> reporter: fred, after a stormy day much quieter across the the country. cloudy skies across the south, milder temperatures, still stormy in the midwest. they have been rainy over the past couple of days. look at these temperatures. we are 14 degrees above normal in d.c. this is your tomorrow forecast. so 57 degrees your high temperature. in new york
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